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This Magic Hair Curler allows the users to have salon style curls in seconds. It's designed to tightly wrap all curl sizes whether small, medium and large curls in a matter of seconds.  It’s light in the hand, easy to maneuver and creates a curl that won’t drop by lunchtime, and doesn’t fry your hair. The days of waiting for the curling iron to heat up is over. The Magic hair curler patented technology allows it to heat up within seconds, it's great for those last-minute surprise outings. Also, never worried about those embarrassing burn marks on your forehead or painful burns on the back of the neck again. The Magic hair curler was designed with you in mind, making those past experiences with outdated hair curlers old news.

 Pieces of hair are gently drawn into the curling chamber where it is heated and coordinated to make immaculate curls and waves every time! The digital temperature display offers temperature that is easily adjustable as well as a choice of preset temperature settings for every hair texture. This Magic hair curler creates a customizable styling experience while avoiding unnecessary heat damage. Patented ceramic technology generates infrared heat, which gives this curler advantages over its competitors and in return results in shinier, healthier and much more beautiful hair. Curling hair has never been so easy with the Magic Hair Curl! Use the preset temperature below for great results; Low 370°F for Fine Hair, Medium 390°F for Medium Hair, High 410°F for Coarse Hair. Tips- Use a smaller section of hair for defined curls. Use a larger section of hair for less defined curls. If hair becomes tangled, the Magic Curl will beep continuously and the display will read RESET. Push the power button on the Magic Curl to turn off and gently remove the tangled hair by pulling out thin strands, section by section, until all the hair has safely been removed.


Great device, beautiful curls, easy to use, exterior is not hot so safe to use and also very fast within 11 days to Netherlands!! Top!! Thank You!!


this product is AWESOME! Curls so fast and curls last!

1. Plug the Magic hair curler into the correct power supply 
2. The Magic Hair curler display is turned ON and OFF by pushing the Power button on the handle, the display will light up to show that the appliance on  
3. Select the desired temperature using the (+)and (-) buttons OR set the desired temperature by pressing the (M) button to use pre-set temperature of Low, Medium, High.
4. The temperature will blink 4 times, indicating the curler temperature is set  
5. Select the desired timer setting using the (+) or (-) buttons, 
6. After 15 seconds, the iron temperature and timer will be locked in.
7. To unlock the temperature or change the temperature, pre the power button once (the locked iron will disappear )and press the(M)button twice.
8. To unlock the timer setting, press the power button once (the lock icon will disappear )and press (M) button once  
9. After 1 hour of stand -by, the iron will shut off automatically  

Color: Black.
Weight: 1000g.    
Voltage: 110~240V.
Plug: US / EU / AU / UK.    
Package Include:
1 x Air Curler.


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