Deluxe Beard Shaving Apron

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  • * ✅ TIME SAVER- No more messes! No more clogging drains and sink! No More Wasting Time Trying To Cleanup Hair All Over The Place!
  • * ✅ EASY TO TRAVEL- Includes TRAVEL BAG, very light and easy to pack and travel. Designed with a sleek self-packing pouch to easily store away or bring on the go when traveling. It does not take up any bag space at all.
  • * ✅ ONE SIZE FITS ALL- Whether Fat, Skinny, Short, Or Tall It will Fit Around Your Neck.
  • * ✅ EASY TO USE - Very easy setup! Just apply apron suction cups to your Apron and attach to the mirror. No more hair clogging the sink, on the floor, or all over the bathroom counter.
  • * ✅ HIGH-QUALITY WATERPROOF Apron- Made of Polyester pongee, strong and durable product can last a lifetime. Easy to clean and dry.

Product Description:

SAVE TIME. KEEP THINGS SIMPLE AND CLEAN. Is it safe to say that you are TIRED OF CLEANING UP after trimming your beard? WEEK after WEEK some old story. Wasting Precious time cleaning up hair. How about a CLOGGED SINK? Worry no more as we have cracked the code by providing you with the ultimate solution to this ongoing problem. The Deluxe Beard Apron catches all the hair that would normally fall onto the floor, counter, or sink into the uniquely designed apron. Our ultimate goal is intended to MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER, BY SAVING YOU TIME, AND MAKING YOUR WIFE MUCH HAPPIER with no longer having to deal with that same old hair issue. Our beard apron features adjustable velcro straps just like a salon cape, with ONE SIZE FITS ALL

 Save Time, No More Cleaning, No More Mess


It's Designed To Catch Your Beard And Hair Trimmings During shaving. No More Hair Mess, Or No More Clogged Drains. Never Worry About Cleaning Off The Sink, Countertop And Floor Anymore.

Imagine How Simple And Clean Life Will Be With This Deluxe Beard Apron. No More Wasting Precious Time Cleaning Up The Mess Created By Shaving, No More Upset Wife About The Same Old Mess Left From Shaving Your Beard. Stress-free and mess free.

How to Use the Suction Cup:


Easy to Put On:

1. Firstly, place the hook on the top, then stick the suction cup to the mirror.

2. Hold the suction cup’s edge with one hand, while pulling the hook on the bottom with the other.

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